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Purpose and goals of the organization

The purpose of the organization is to integrate children and adolescents with the means of music as a link between children and adolescents of different nationalities living in Berlin / Germany, with a focus on Russian-native-speaking minorities, as well as in promoting humanistic national and international relations. It serves the promotion of art and culture, education and international understanding.


Organization pursues the following goals:

  • to find and promote young music talents through targeted work with children and adolescents, and to establish a music competition and music institution on this basis, which works to promote integration through cultural promotion.
  • Encouraging contacts between people who share the program of the association, who are interested in the enrichment of other cultures and the integration of children and adolescents, especially of late repatriates and quota refugees from states of the former CIS.
  • Promotion of culture - especially among children and adolescents.
  • Promotion of nonviolence and understanding between peoples and groups of different ideological orientation.
  • Supporting children and adolescents in solving individual, interpersonal and institutional conflicts as part of their integration efforts into the society of the Federal Republic of Germany.
  • Promoting international cultural exchanges, in particular the exchange of children and youth groups;


Organization realizes its goals in particular

  • through the establishment of a meeting place for children and young people in the capital of the FRG, in which the musical self-activity and the development and promotion of musical talents is in the foreground;
  • the care of the national and international songs;
  • the organization of cultural events such as concerts, competitions and festivals with and without international participation, and exhibitions;
  • the organization of exchange of experiences for the integration of children and adolescents through the medium of music;
  • Encounters, cultural and recreational activities that promote the European integration process, in particular at the level of child and youth exchanges and socially disadvantaged groups;
  • Networking with non-profit organizations, businesses, experts, government agencies and local authorities who want to share and support the goals. In co-operation with commercial enterprises the co-operation is limited exclusively to the fact that the enterprise supports the association and does not flow any means of the association or other support from the association to the enterprise.

The organization can set up national offices (provincial agencies) to implement its goals in individual federal states as well as abroad or entrust existing associations with the maintenance of their name as associated regional associations with the task of performing such tasks.



  • The association pursues exclusively and directly charitable goals within the meaning of the section "tax-privileged purposes of the tax code." The association acts selflessly, it does not pursue primarily economic purposes.
  • All funds may only be used for statutory purposes. The organization does not seek profits.
  • The members receive no profit shares or other donations from funds of the association. The members do not have any claims to the assets of the association when leaving or dissolving the association.
  • The organization may not favor a person by expenses that are foreign to the purpose of the association, or by disproportionately high remuneration.


Viktor Leis


Music Producer,

 Head of competitions and festivals

Hans Triller



Visa support. Public relation

Viktor Leis Junior



Olga Gebert



Hotel Reservation, cultural program

Irina Bruk



Dmitry Borisov


stage director

Oleg Neumann


sound engineer

Sergey Trofimov


sound engineer

Olga Schremf



Juriy Zaika



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