Dates: 00.00.-00.00.0000, Berlin (Germany)

"Golden Key" is an international competition for children and youth groups. It passes at the moment when all nature comes to life and the first spring flowers appear. On these “magical” days you have a unique opportunity to show your performance in any genre on a professional stage in the center of Europe: Berlin.

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Dates: 02.05.-05.05.2024, Berlin (Germany)

The international festival "Star Rain" is a music marathon with concert venues in Berlin, a European jury and thousands of viewers. Competitive performances and concerts are held in front of thousands viewers, which gives young artists the opportunity to gain different stage experience.


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Dates: 18.06.-25.06.2024, Coma - Ruga 60 km from Barcelona (Spain)

The "New Wind" contest is held in the beautiful small resort town of Coma Ruga south of Barcelona on the Costa Dorada. You will visit a place with stunning natural beauty! The hotel where you will stay is located 100 meters from the beautiful beach with a long and gentle slope, with the finest golden sand and crystal clear water.

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Dates: 00.00.-00.00.0000, Prague/Dresden (Czech Republic/Germany)

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. What could be more wonderful than Prague? Only the International "Star Rain" Festival in Prague! A large concert hall with excellent acoustics, where competition days and a gala concert are held, Czech jury, prizes and diplomas of the competition, conveniently located hotel, as well as a trip with an excursion to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe - Dresden.


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Dates: all year round, see information

The international vocal online - festival “Star Rain Cup” is a musical song marathon that takes place throughout the year. At the end of each quarter, we will closely monitor the struggle between the best vocalists, estimate and summarize the results that are announced and displayed on our website. And at the end of the year, among the winners of the Grand Prix, the absolute winner will be determined, who win the “Big Star Rain Cup” and money prize of 300 Euro!


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Dates: 23.11.-27.11.2023, Berlin (Germany)

"Euro Pop Contest" - an international competition of young singers of a popular song from 10 to 24 years old is held every year at the end of November on the eve of Christmas in Europe! And this means that you will find a magnificent scattering of young stars and singing talents from different countries, world hits, in live performance and, of course, a gala concert with the participation of your favorite artists and an exciting awarding ceremony! The participants in the international finals already have a high vocal quality and stage experience.


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