Theatre Competition "Goldenes Schlusselchen" - Online Edition

Dates: 08.09. - 07.10.2023 (Berlin)

Latest application date: 06.09.23

"Golden Key" is an international competition for children and youth groups. It passes at the moment when all nature comes to life and the first spring flowers appear. On these “magical” days you have a unique opportunity to show your performance in any genre on a professional stage in the center of Europe: Berlin. In 2023 we decided to make Online - Edition of the contest. 

Festival's mission

  • Promotion and development of children and youth theatrical creativity
  • Building up interest towards theatre
  • Strengthening friendly ties and creative contacts of children and young people from different countries
  • Development of cultural exchange and international ties

Contest terms and conditions

  • Any children and youth theatre ensemble that is qualified may participate in the contest. Participants should be under 25 years old;
  • 3 adults at most are allowed to perform in the theatrical.;
  • Contest viewing (final) will take place online Berlin;
  • Duration of the performance max. 90 minutes;
  • contest theme: free;
  • Payment for entry fee within 7 days after confirmation of participation

Procedure for the conduct of the contest and application

The competition is held in two stages:


1st stage: Qualifying round


  • The selection of candidates is carried out according to the submitted applications filled out on the website;
  • In the application, you need to fill in the required fields, upload two photos of the theater group for the poster, add a summary of the performance (libretto) in Word or PDF format, write a brief information about the theater and add a video link (preferably youtube) of the competitive performance or its excerpt* with the ability to view file before the end of the "jury discussion" date;
  • The decision on participation in the final is made within two days after receiving the application. The latest deadline for submitting an application is 06.09.2023;
  • first stage of the competition takes place without payment of the competition fee


*In case of passing to the final and after the timely payment of the competition fee (7 days after confirmation of participation in the final), the team that sent only an excerpt of the performance in the application must send the full performance before the deadline for accepting applications (06.09.2023)


2nd stage: Final of the competition in Berlin - show of performances / Program of the competition


The competition program includes watching video recordings of competitive performances, a round table with jury members (video recording) and broadcasting the awards on the youtube channel:


  • Each of the finalists approved by the organizing committee receives a written notification and must pay the org. - payment (see participation fee) within 7 days after confirmation of participation;
  • The final list of finalists will be announced on 08.09.2023;
  • Viewing performances from 08.09. until 24.09./2023 on the competition website and channel;
  • Until 02.10.2023 each theater group receives a link to a video of an individual "round table" with jury members;
  • Broadcast of the awards ceremony for the participants of the final of the competition: 07.10.2023

Entry fee

All theatrical groups invited to the final will be awarded with European-style diplomas. Artists and leaders of theatrical groups that have made it to the finals receive nominal diplomas. All diplomas in PDF format are sent by email.

  • Each theater group (up to 10 people) invited to the final must pay the registration fee of the competition in the amount of 150 euros * within 7 days after confirmation of participation in the final to the bank details specified in the written confirmation;
  • Payment for a theater group of more than 10 participants: 150 euros* + 5 euros from each additional artist;

Additional offers

Order an additional set of original prizes. One cup, a printed diploma for the theatre, as well as a company medal, a badge and a souvenir-talisman (Berlin bear) of the competition for each contestant or teacher by mail for an additional fee in the amount of:

  • 25 euros + 10 euros additionally from each participant of the festival (example: order for 15 people - 25 euros + 15*10 euros = 175 euros + postage);
  • + mail forwarding (the price is negotiated after receiving the postal details from the application)

 Additional diplomas are sent in one parcel by regular or registered notification


Determination of the winners of the competition and incentive prizes is carried out by the jury of the competition by closed voting. The awards are made in the following nominations:

  • Grand Prix of the competition (Jury has the right not to award the title of Grand Prix if one is not identified)
  • Winner of competition
    • Laureate of the competition and diploma of the 1st degree
    • Laureate of the competition and diploma of II degree
    • Laureate of the competition and diploma of III degree
  • Contest participant
  • Special competition prizes
  • Best male and female role of the first and second plan.

All participants of the final and the leaders of the competition are awarded with diplomas in electronic form.

жюри конкурса и критерии оценок

Jury evaluation criteria:

  • The basics of stage existence (the ability to see, hear, act)
  • Plasticity and musicality, if it is included in the chosen form of performance


Viktor Leis

Producer, Director of contests and festivals


Martin Laubisch

Associate Professor, Deputy Director of the Berlin Higher School of Actor.

Alexander Soldatkin

Graduate of the Schukin School, theater actor Roman Viktyuk, director, head of the DanceArt Berlin school of dance and acting

Dmitry Borisov

Director, Artistic Director

Johannes Gruhl



Online - Edition 2021

If you need further information just call us on  +49 152 2622 3616 (Whatsapp, Viber and Telegram) or send us an e-mail

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