International Vocal Online - Festival "Star Rain Cup"

Applications deadline: 15.12.2022 (Berlin), results: 02.01.2023

The international vocal online - festival “Star Rain Cup” is a musical song marathon that takes place throughout the year. At the end of each quarter, we will closely monitor the struggle between the best vocalists, estimate and summarize the results that are announced and displayed on our website. And at the end of the year, among the winners of the Grand Prix, the absolute winner will be determined, who win the “Big Star Rain Cup” and money prize of 300 Euro!

Participants and Application

Any creative team (duet, trio, groups, vocal-instrumental ensembles, choirs) or a performer of various styles in directions of the following age categories can become a participant in a vocal online competition:

  •  Solo, duets, trios, groups or vocal-instrumental ensembles: up to 6 years old, 7–9 years old, 10–13 years old, 14–17 years old, 18–24 years old, 25–30 years old, from 31 and older
  • Choral groups: children's choirs (5-15 years old), youth choirs (15-30 years old), adult choirs (31 and above);
  • Nominations:  World hitOriginal song (own song), Modern song (any language), Stage vocal number: stage song production with the possible use of various genres of art (choreographic production, circus, artists of the original genre, fashion theaters, instrumental accompaniment and others), Song from a movie or musical,  Folk song, Children's song, Classic, Retro song;

Contest performances can be presented in various vocal genres like a pop, jazz, rock, folk vocals, academic vocals, musicals, vocal and instrumental ensembles, mixed genres, original arrangements and author playing, cover versions in the following categories

Requirements for the participants

  • To participate in the competition, you should fill out an application, indicate the data of the participant of the competition, add a live performance video with a link to a file (preferably youtube) with the ability to view the file until the end of the judges "discussion date". Non-professional video is allowed;
  • Only live recordings are allowed for the competition. The duration of the performance should not exceed 5 minutes;
  • Participants or groups have the right to participate in several categories. In each nomination and each age group from one participant/team one application is accepted (one competition number);
  • One separate number should be recorded on a video not older than 1 year;
  • Prescribed or live back vocals and Double-track in choruses for vocalists (solo) are allowed;
Положение вокального онлайн конкурса

Why should you choose us?

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Participation fee, additional nominations and services

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*singers from Asian countries, please contact our partner Charie Vega for information and application

Jury members

The international judges are formed in a purpose to evaluate the work of the participants. It includes reputable experts in the field of vocal art, producers of shows, musical theaters, record companies, stars of European and world music, show business. The voting of the jury members is open. Results are posted on the website and on our social networks. Grate table (see regulations).


At the request of the contestants and for additional payment, they can resent a summary/feedback of their performance from the jury members. The summay/feedback will be based on the criteria specified in the festival regulations.


  • Evaluation criteria: originality and unique of performance; vocal technique (system, style, purity of intonation and performance); dramatic skill (emotional performance); choice of the performance, its organic embodiment by the performer; harmony and culture presentation of the competition work;

Viktor Leis


musician, vocalist, director of international competitions in Europe, director of Euro Pop Contest Grand Prix Berliner Perle, music producer of Lieder Leis Musik Produktion (Germany)

Vladimir Elizarov


producer, arranger, vocalist-improviser, expert on contemporary vocals of international level, vocal coach, author of modern vocals, member of the California Songwriters Guild, winner of the John Lennon Award (USA) 

Viktor Knysh


author of projects in the field of art, Director of national selections and finals of the international song competition "Junior Eurovision", creative producer and director of projects "Voice of Azerbaijan," Children's Vienna Ball "in Kiev and others

Alberto Loreydis Pérez Zamora (Cuba)

Producer of the National Center for Popular Music

Galina Zucker 


Diploma Gnesins University, choirmaster, vocalist, teacher with 45 years of experience. Head of children's vocals studio "Israel Flowers", director of the "Voice of Wave" Association

Joaquim Caetano


Professor, instructor and vocal coach at bei Projecto Pauta Musical, Musical director of the International Festival "Chuva de Estrelas Douro"

Charie Vega 


Producer and founder of Vega Entertainment Productions and organizer of contests

Erika Said


Producer Erseb Productions and organizer of the competition "Arpreggio"

Emil Strundzhev 


Composer, musician and organizer of the "Trixie" contest

Nijole Berezina 


Singer, vocal teacher of the popular music artists studio ,,Aprila Pilieni" at Latvian TV in Riga. Producer, director of the international competition -festival ,,Aprila Pilieni"

Douglas Wilgrove


Singer, composer, musician,  singer of Bruce & Bongo with hits Nr. 1 in Germany Austria and other countries, music producer

Endla Murd


Singer, vocal teacher, director of the private vocal school "Endla Murd Laulustuudio" and the international festival "Golden Rose"

Johan Jämtberg


Composer (songwriter for songs in finals of Junior and Adult Eurovision), producer, vocal coach (Previous students have become international and national stars - Zara Larsson, Lisa Ajax, Molly Sanden and many others)

Nada Vukovic Djokic (Serbia)

Choir and orchestra conductor, art university professor, piano and music theory teacher, vocal coach and choreographer, founder and CEO of singing school "Voices of Hope" in Belgrad

Ria Ferčáková (Slovakia)

Vocal teacher, composer, lyricist and chanson performer. Organizer of cultural events and festivals in the Slovak Republic

Marilanda Majello (Italy)

Owner of the fashion, show and cinema agency "Fivestar Production", owner of the "Erichetta Diamond Sound Music", manager for young singers and President of the "Diamonday association" in Italy and Malta

Anduena Tahiri

Professor of vocal technique, composer of many songs for children, director of two festivals international "Amol" in Kosovo  and director of the "Amol Art Center"

Katarzyna Panicz


vocal coachhead principal of Art Studio "Szalone Malolaty" in Poland, creative producer of cultural events, concerts and plays. Many of her  former students became well known stars and artists, and winners of TV programs like "The Voice"

Asta Bagdonavičienė

Singer and Event Organizer, President of International Competitions For Children, Youth  And Addults MUSIC TALENT LEAGUE, Christmas Talent League in Lithuania and SUMMER TALENT LEAGUE in Spain

Guillermo Albelo


Musician, composer, author, producer and music editor. President of Orfeum - organization of European music festivals. Director of Universong - Canary Islands International Song Festival.

Gabriela Nechita

Vocal coach, composer, member of Romanian Union of composers and musicologists, organizer of cultural and artistic events, president of "Mellos Artistic Association, director of the International Festival for Young Singers "Crystal Stars Music Fest"


The highest award is "Big Star Rain Cup" and a cash prize of 300 Euros, which are determined among all "saisonal" Grand Prix winners at the end of the year.

In the vocal nomination for solo/ duets / trios / groups / vocal and instrumental ensembles Grand Prix are awarded:

  • Grand - Prix "Junior" (up to 17 years)
  • Grand - Prix "Senior" (from 18 years)

 *Additional Grand - Prix is awarded in the category "CHOIRS" regardless of age category.


Further, the organizing committee of the competition provides for the titles of laureates of the first, second and third degree:

I. Place |  II. Place  |  III. Place  |  IV. Place  |  V. Place



  • Diplomas for participation for all other participants
  • Diplomas for unique remarkable participants who did not win prizes
  • Special prizes from the judges in agreement with the organizing committee
  • Letters of gratitude for teachers and accompanists specified in the application
  • Invitations by the organizing committee to full-time international competitions in Germany, Spain, the Czech Republic, with discounts of 10%, 15% and 20%

The official results of the judges' voting are posted on the website and on social networks. Grade table (see regulations) 

*singers from Asian countries, please contact our partner Charie Vega for information and application

Other dates


Star Rain

application deadline:

01.01. – 15.03.

discussion by the jury:

16.03. - 31.03.

Results: 01.04.


Star Rain

application deadline:

01.04. – 15.06.

discussion by the jury:

16.06. - 30.06.

Results: 01.07.


Star Rain

application deadline:

01.07. – 15.09.

discussion by the jury:

16.09. - 30.09.

Results: 01.10.


Star Rain

application deadline:

01.10. – 15.12.


discussion by the jury:

16.12. - 31.12.

Results: 02.01

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Grand - Final 2020

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If you have any questions about the competition / festival, application, registration of documents or need additional information, you can call  +49 152 2622 3616 (Whatsapp, Viber and Telegram) or e-mail